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How to work in Germany

If you want to work in Germany you require a residence permit with permission to work (at least 6 months). An extension is possible. For highly skilled professionals (with at least 66.000 Euro annual income), academics or self-employed (at least 250.000 Euro total investment) there are special procedures and rules that facilitate the migration. EU nationals can benefit from the free movement principle.

Where can I apply for a work permit?

If the residence and work permits are required in Germany, but the missions are (visa offices of embassies and consulates) and the German immigration authorities. These are made for further consideration must be directly with the responsible agency for work in conjunction so that the applicants only call on an authority.

How to find a job in Germany?

German Jobs can be found mainly

* in the weekend editions of the newspapers or online, e.g. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit
(German keywords are „Stellenangebote“, „Stellenmarkt“, „Stellenanzeigen“, „Karriere“)

*in online job boards: e.g.  StepStone, Monster, Jobscout24

*at Human Resources Service Provider like Adecco, Manpower, Randstad

*and the Federal Employment Agency .

Finding a job in Germany without speaking German is not easy, but possible. It depends of how international a City is and how many expats are living there as well. Frankfurt am Main for example is a City of Banking with very international surroundings.

Learning German

In many countries you can learn German at the local Goethe-Institut . In Germany the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees offers various types of courses.  In addition there are many private providers.

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